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2016 ‧ 2 seasons
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Written by a team that includes multiple award winners Sharon Horgan and Graham Linehan, this sitcom focuses on middle-class parents and the everyday challenges they encounter. From the competitiveness of the morning school run, to the sheer pandemonium of hosting a children's party, `Motherland' gives an honest and amusing depiction of life as a modern-day mother or father to small kids. Armed with their own individual parenting techniques, the leading characters try their best to carry out their responsibilities calmly, tackling each humour-filled situation as it arises.… MORE
No. of series: 2 + 1 pilot
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Absolutely love love love this tv show. Extremely funny and true to life. Chances are you've met or know one of these parent types at the school gates. Makes me lol. So funny. Can't wait for series 3.

Enjoyable and true to life but why set in London with so many northern accents? The school was very toned down and much more polite and respectful than they usually are (if you’re an average parent). Also the mums seemed to have time to spare for the cafe after crazy ...

Compelling. At times laugh out loud hilarious but overall made me feel sad. This is a mean and superficial urban world. Not one of the characters show even a glimpse of affection for their children. Why have children if you aren’t interested in being with them at all?

1:28 Motherland | Official Trailer [HD] | A Sundance Now Exclusive ...

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Motherland (TV series)
Motherland is a British television sitcom set in London, which examines the trials and traumas of middle-class motherhood. A pilot episode, written by a team including Graham Linehan and Sharon Horgan, was first broadcast on BBC Two on 6 September 2016 as part of its "Sitcom Season".

Motherland: Fort Salem
Motherland: Fort Salem is an American supernatural drama television series created by Eliot Laurence that premiered on Freeform on March 18, 2020.

Motherland (TV Series 2016
Created by Sharon Horgan, Graham Linehan, Helen Linehan. With Anna Maxwell Martin, Lucy Punch, Diane Morgan, Paul Ready. This is a programme about ...

Motherland - BBC Two
Motherland. Holly Walsh on writing Motherland with Sharon Horgan, Graham and Helen Linehan. On the BBC Writersroom blog. On iPlayer. Christmas Special.

Motherland, Series 1, Episode 1 - BBC Two
Episode 1. Motherland Series 1. Episode 1 of 6. Julia moves out of her comfort zone when she reluctantly invites the entire class to her daughter's birthday party.

Motherland review – weary parents rejoice! The savage ...
Motherland review – weary parents rejoice! The savage school-gate sitcom is back. Sharon Horgan's hilarious social satire is oddly soothing, ...

Motherland review – hellish family fun no longer seems so bad
Motherland review – hellish family fun no longer seems so bad. Christmas special brings more stress for Julia and the gang, with frantic festive ...

Motherland. Season 1. Release year: 2017. A group of mothers and a stay-at-home dad ...